Transform your small business in 1 week

With 3x1 we give 1 Solution to 1 Problem in 1 Week

1. Imagine you have a lot of problems and you have putting out fires here and there, so the same problems come up again and again.

2. Now, imagine that you contract a 3x1 service, so together we implement 1 solution to 1 problem in 1 week and we prevent that problem from appearing again.

3. Imagine what you can achieve in a short term by following the MIT MUT methodology and gradually implementing Odoo in your company.

Benefits for your business 
The Most Important Thing is to implement a new way of working

Improve efficiency

An ERP allows first of all to automate tasks that consume a lot of time, such as quoting, invoicing, buying, selling, and your people could accomplish more valuable tasks.

Process Control 

An ERP is a system that works according to the best business practices and that guides you in the way of doing the work in each process.

Reduce mistakes

When everyone manages "THEIR DATA" it is very easy to make mistakes. With an ERP everyone works on ONE SINGLE database that is updated at all times

Timely information

Managers will have the information available, with activity reports and will be able to access it from anywhere through any device connected to the Internet.

Our clients' favorite 3x1

Building a Website

Build your presence on the internet with a website where you can show your products and services to the world and be the channel of communication with your prospects and customers.

Control sales and billing

Being able to quote, place orders and invoice is one of the essential processes of every business. If you do not have it under control, you may have losses and inefficiencies that will affect the development of your company.

Implement a CRM

For all businesses that maintain a lasting relationship with their customers, the essential tool is a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, which allows you to follow up on each of your prospects and convert them into customers.

Other problems we can Solve in 1 week


If your problem is inventory control, we can help you with a 3X1 focused on controlling your purchases and warehouses, so that you never run out of stock again.

Automatic Appointment Control

If you want to facilitate the control of appointments in your SPA, Barbershop, Aesthetics, Clinic, we can help you establish an appointment system in which the client himself schedules his appointment according to your availability.

Access to the e-learning platform for 1 year

In addition to the online sessions with your expert advisor, you will have 24/7 support with the e-learning platform with video content and application guides and practical assessments.

Odoo apps

For each app you have, you will have access to a video will guide you in the basic use, so you can consult it anytime.

3X1 Program Guideline

The program is a sequence of steps that must be followed, due this,the client will receive a guideline to carry out their work.


3X1 Basic Solution

845 €*

  • One of our specialized consultants spend 2 hours daily from Monday to Friday in a previous agreed schedule to
    1. Session with the client
    2. Configuration, import, integration
  • E-learning for 1 person
  • Low volume import data (Less than 100 data)
  • Basic Configurations
  • Best for business
    from 1 to 3 people
  • 1 App solution

3X1 Medium Solution


  • One of our specialized consultants  spend 3 hours daily from Monday to Friday in a previous agreed schedule to:
    1. Session with the client
    2. Configuration, import, integration
  • E-learning for 2 persons
  • Medium volume import data (Less than 500 data)
  • Medium Configurations
  • Best for business
    from 4 to 7 people
  • Solution with 1 or 2 apps

3X1 Complex Solution


  • One of our specialized consultants  spend 4 hours daily from Monday to Friday in a previous agreed schedule to:
    1. Session with the client
    2. Configuration, import, integration
  • E-learning for 3 persons
  • High volume import data (Less than 2000 data)
  • Advanced Configurations
  • best for business
    of less than 10 people
  • Solution with 1 to 3 apps

*The above prices do NOT include the payment of licenses and are valid only for new Odoo Standard customers. Users who have already acquired licenses can participate by making a communication to Odoo informing that Mit Mut will be their official partner.

Odoo licenses are paid per user, and you have access to all applications and Standard Hosting included. The price of each user in Malta is XX + VAT/month in annual payment equivalent to XX + VAT

The implementation of the apps can have different levels of complexity according to the needs of each company, however the inventory, manufacturing, accounting, and project apps can become too complex, so their implementation will remain at the level at that can be reached with the time included in each solution, and will always be limited to a 1-week service. If the client's needs are not covered with the 3x1 service, we ask you to consult our Focused, Standard and Customized Solutions services.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

​If the client complies with the conditions of the 3X1 Service, and in the end is not satisfied with the result, we will refund 100% of their investment, but if the client DOES NOT COMPLY with punctual attendance at the sessions and the corresponding contributions, this warranty Does NOT applies.

Limited time promotion

In your 1st Contract, we give you the ONE USER license of Odoo for one year
If you require additional users, they will be added to the price of the program.

We start with new companies every Monday, but being a ONE to ONE program, space is limited. Reserve your place as soon as possible and start transforming your company now.

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